Danai Giannelli

Danai Giannelli 

Danai Giannelli lives in Athens Greece, where she also grew up. She had a flair for art and aesthetics since the early days of her life. She is a self-taught designer and her jewellery has been featured in British Vogue and Vogue Talents in Italia.

Her work has been presented at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and at the Gallery Marneri, in Athens where her creations are still showcased. She also has a longtime cooperation with the Museum of Cycladic Art, which is also based in Athens.

The two materials she mostly uses are gold and silver alone or combined with precious & semi-precious stones and coloured cords.

Danai’s creations express a passion for diachronic simplicity and effortless luxury. Her inspiration comes from symbols, images and shapes of nature, past eras and unique heirlooms of her family and their story. The fine and delicate, but at the same time strong form of each piece and its special details, disclose the purity and truth the designer sees in things around her and the unique beauty she finds in imperfection and asymmetry.