As all of the jewellery on our site is meticulously handcrafted, there may be slight variances in colour, markings and/or inclusions on all stones, metals and finishings. These should not be viewed as defects but rather features that add to the unique charm of each handcrafted piece.



All bags that have been meticulously handcrafted may have slight variations in colour, embroidery and beading. These slight imperfections are not to be viewed as defects but rather features that add to the charming and unique features of a handcrafted product.

Please note that colours and finishes of all products may vary slightly in visual appearance from the way they appear on the site due to photographic and screen limitations. Please take this into account when purchasing from our website.



All handcrafted products require love and care to maintain their beauty. To help maintain them they must be handled with care.

With regards to all jewellery on our site, avoid contact with cleaning products, chlorine, body lotions, hairspray, nail polish removers and perfume.

After wear, place all bags in their dust bags and store all jewellery and scarves in a safe, dry place that is preferably flat away from direct sunlight and heat. Please ensure that each piece is stored separately to avoid scratching, rubbing or pulling from contact with other items.